Friday, January 16, 2009

Inauguration Prayer

An Inauguration prayer by Nicholas Jackson (most likely better than anything from Rick Warren)

Lord we begin this year with our heads low and our hearts contrite.
We have neglected your word and commandments.
Forgive us Lord for embracing “Change” without REPENTANCE.
Forgive us for putting country first instead of Christ.
Forgive us for worshiping our Presidential choice, for promoting pragmatism and endorsing evil. Forgive us for applauding an Esther, when she was a sign of God’s judgment.
Remind us that judgment begins at the house of God.
Forgive us for putting our tax exempt status before Christ.
Forgive us for teaching that God is a God of love, but not a God of justice and wrath, for creating a God in our own image and worshiping him.
For preaching peace, peace when there is no peace.
Forgive us for loving sinners to death, when God says he HATES the workers of iniquity, for using taxation, coercion to fight poverty when the Church should be serving them.
Forgive us for making innocent life “Above our pay grade”, for believing that life begins at conception yet allowing embryo experimentation.
Forgive us Lord for voting single issue on the economy.
Remind us there can be no financial security until there is security in the womb.
For rewarding covetousness and greed and squandering our children’s inheritance.
Forgive us for decrying socialism, bailouts, while sending our children to socialist schools.
Forgive us for railing against gay marriage, which we should! While indulging in pornography and embracing divorce.
Forgive us for battling AIDS, which we should, but neglecting the sin often at its root.
Forgive us for making global warming an idol.
Lord may you use the coming financial storm to judge our idolatry and make us more reliant on you not our 401k.
Use the coming tribulation to shake off the rotten fruit of the corporate seeker sensitive mega churches, and leave fruit that lasts.
Turn the fathers’ heart to their children and bring true revival to America, change is coming!
God Bless America, in Jesus name Amen!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friends of the World?

So I bet that I strike a nerve with some people on this post.  But I think that making some people think is not such a bad thing.

With the coming election you here a lot of debate on issues such as abortion, gay marriage, the economy, gas prices, supreme court justices and the such.  I don't want this to be a political post but it may make you think about your vote.

In the book of James there is a verse that makes the following statement. 

James 4:4
You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

So I want to take two of the issues that our country faces, and that the Bible is clear about and ask you where you stand.

Abortion - are you 100% against it in all circumstances?  The sixth commandment is thou shalt not murder.  Abortion is murder it is not a blob of tissue, I don't get a bigger blob in nine months, I get a child.  So it is a small human getting bigger and bigger just inside it's mother.

Homosexuality / Gay Marriage - are you 100% against it?  Genesis 2:4 man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his WIFE.   1 Corinthians 6:9 homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God.

I would humbly say that if you are ok with these things, than you are condoning such behavior.  I would also suggest that you take a serious look at your walk with God.  James is clear in stating that if you are friends with the world you are an enemy of God.  I would also humbly say that you are not a Christian. 

Broad is the road that leads to destruction and narrow is the path that leads to life.  Are you on the broad road or the narrow path.  Are you friends of the world or God.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Challenged Teachers? OH NO!

So take a look at the video below, and you will have a very good idea of why I home school my kids.

I find this very funny that teachers are feeling threatened by students asking questions. Is that not what students are supposed to do? Ooops I forgot, in our postmodern society , they are supposed to sit quietly and get this evolution non-sense shoved down their throat. Well if the teacher does not know how to answer a question that a student has maybe they should try to figure it out.

Enjoy the show.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Great Blog Post

I am going to direct you to a Blog that I read this time around. I feel that Leon Brown has a great message this time (who am I kidding, he has a great message all the time) and I would like others to read it. Just to give you a little background about Leon. He has just finished serving his country in the Navy and has embarked on the work of serving the Lord full time, by witnessing to people on the streets of a near by country. Would you like to know what country? ................. OUR OWN COUNTRY THE USA! So we all could be missionaries in our own country. If fact I would argue that we are supposed to be missionaries in our own country.

So take a read of Leon's blog. Click on the banner below and it will take you to the post.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Million Dollar Flight

Well I have not really gone out on the street or passed out tracts since the last time that I wrote on the blog. Well actually, every drive through that I have gone through in this span has gotten a million dollars. I would guess 3-4 drive through restaurants.

So this morning I headed out on a week long business trip and prayed for the opportunity to encounter someone that I might be able to strike up a conversation with and transition to the gospel during my travels. Well God did not take to long in full filling that request. My first flight from Allentown to Detroit, had me sitting next to Lisa. Lisa was very talkative which made it easier and she was very nervous about the flight. She said that she used to like flying however that had changed. I asked her why that had changed. She said that now having kids and being a single mom made her think more about her own mortality. Wow, could I get an easier way to transition to the law and the gospel. Well, I let it go by and didn't jump on it. The longer it was that it went by the more and more conviction I felt that I let it slip by. As we discussed other things, I was eventually able to bring it up again and asked her why she thought more about her own mortality and the transition from the natural to the spiritual had begun.

I found out that she did think that there was something after this life and she thought that there was a heaven and a God, however she was not so keen on the concept of Hell. She also thought that God forgave everyone. I tried to explain that is not the case and she was more than willing to listen to everything that I had to say. She thought that it would not be fair for God to send people to Hell. I said that maybe it was not fair however that it was JUST. She grew up Catholic, however I did not go down the road of the differences of Christianity and Catholicism. I think that would have totally de-reaild the conversation and got it headed down the wrong path.

But ultimatly I found that part of her belief that was going to be a hang up for her salvation was that she believed that people were not born sinners. We discussed the sin of Adam and that his sin did us all in however she was not sure that she believed it. Unfortunally she feels that she is ok and God will forgive her and she is good to go to heaven. Based on her answers to questions, I have concerns that she is not. I asked her to read Romans 1, hopefully she will it it will help to show her our problem.

So as the stewardess was coming down to give us drinks this part of our conversation was coming to an end. She asked if she could borrow a buck to help pay for her wine (I am guessing to calm her nerves) and I gave her the buck and gave her a million dollar bill as well. The neat part about this was that I was not the first person to give her a million dollar bill. Her boyfriends boss gave her one as well. Hopefully she will give some thought to what I have told her and what her boyfriends boss told her. I think I will have to get the Billion Dollar bill tract just in case this happens again. Then I can so "oh you got the million, here have a billion then"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Post Removal!

I have decided to remove the post on the Baptist Church with the No Witnessing sign. It was brought to my attention that it may have been a modified photo and I have no proof to say that it is not.

Don't know why I did not think about that before the posting. Dumb of me, with all you can do with a computer it would be very easy to do.

So I apologize to First Ichabod Baptist Church for posting a picture from their church with no proof of authenticity.

Gay Bishop Protest (AMEN Way to Go!)

I heard about this video on Way of the Master and thought I would post it for all to see. The man in the crowd should be lifted up as a hero and a great Truth Warrior. It is a sad shame that other people don't see that. It is a shame that the only person in the congregation that appears to be a follower of Christ is being escorted out and all the lost people are staying in the Church.

I wanted to throw up when I heard what song they were singing "Thine Be the Glory" Yes, God will have the glory when he judges all of us and gives us what we deserve. If we have repented and put our trust in Jesus, it is clear that we will spend eternity with God. If we don't we will spend eternity separated from God. Unless Gene Robinson REPENTS like the young man in the video was telling him to do. He will end up in Hell and that will be for God's glory

I tried to embed the video however the option is not there so I have included the link to get to the right video page. Click on the picture of Gene Robinson and it will take you to the video page.